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Breastfeeding Essentials Set

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The Breastfeeding Essentials Set is the perfect introduction to Nanobébé's award-winning product line. This exclusive gift set includes both of our signature baby bottles, ensuring that you're prepared whether you use breastmilk, formula, or a combination. The Breastmilk Bottles preserve breast milk nutrients during storage and warming, and the Transitional Feeding Bottles encourage self-feeding and the development of fine motor skills. The set also comes with both slow flow & medium flow, triple-vented, anti-colic teats and a convenient breast pump adaptor. It is a great baby registry gift, and it is the perfect starter set for expecting parents who wants to be prepared for wherever their feeding journey takes them.
  • 2x 150ml Breastmilk Bottles: Designed to preserve breastmilk nutrients.
  • 2x 270ml Transitional Feeding Bottles: For when your infant is ready to graduate from our 150 ml
  • 2x Slow Flow Silicone Nipples: Feature an advanced anti-colic venting system. Non-collapsing to ensure the perfect latch for your little one.
  • 2x Medium Flow Silicone Nipples: Help prevent teat confusion and are perfect for babies transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle feeding.
  • 2x Teat Covers: Take your fresh supply anywhere with your infant.
  • 2x Breastmilk Bottle Storage Caps: Use when storing bottles to make them stackable.
  • 1x Breast Pump Adapter: Express directly into your Nanobebe bottles, connects to most standard breast pumps


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